Luigi Cassinelli Photographer

Two types of items are available for purchase:


Items are offered in unique LISTINGS on Ebay. I chose Ebay as an intermediary to protect my clients and myself.

Each listing contains:

- Items identified by unique reference codes (UR for original photographs, GS for gelatin silver prints, CIBA for cibachrome prints, CP for contact prints, DP for digital prints);

- One Certificate of Authenticity per item. The certificate constitutes title deed.

The most simple listing consists of one original photograph and its certificate, or one print and its certificate. Other listings offer one original photograph, a set of prints issued from the original photograph, a digital scan of the original photograph, and the corresponding certificates.

The webpages PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTFOLIOS display what is for sale and what has been sold; they also serve the purpose of documenting my archive and making it public.

For the moment, this webpage displays one listing. For customized orders and questions, please contact me at

eBay Listing Item ID 124005357528

The Photographic Print

Ref. GS-MKH56588-20/B

gelatin silver print

Gelatin Silver Print | Ilford Multigrade FB Classic Matt

Printed Image: 12 x 14 in | Paper Size: 16 x 20 in | Mat Size: 20 x 24 in

Printed in 2017 by Giancarlo Vaiarelli

Second Printing | First Printing on Gelatin Silver

The Certificate

certificate cover
certificate content
certificate back cover

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