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Primal Grit - 1/7


'PRIMAL GRIT' is an instinctual, passionate connection urging to explore. This force still evolves and manifests in different forms throughout my photography. What I exhibit here, in this and the next 6 webpages, is the portfolio 'Primal Grit: 7 Steps Into My Photography.' It is a document of what moves me, questions and enigmas I see thoughout nature and the faceted allure of the human condition. In fact, this entire website is a narration of how I live and what I learn during my photographic adventures. Primal grit makes each photograph an authentic self-portrait.

When I am asked what do I photograph, usually expecting a category, my answer is: 'I photograph my instinct while it interacts with the rest of reality.' In other words, I learn about my own nature by exploring interactions. I seek authentic self-portraits, not selfies. Facing the intimacy of self-portraits (either the one above, from 2015, or my entire archive) takes grit, but saves explorers from the folly of narcissism.

When I am asked why I do it and why I use film, I reply photography helps me to learn. I do not trust oracles, software driven by mutant and unknown algorithms, rendering matrix of pixels. I despise all cults, including the widespread cult of virtual glitz, whether they are powered by cowardice or by the oxymoron 'artificial intelligence.' I trust only light from life, silver halide crystals, and my eye to photograph my own life.


luigi cassinelli self-portrait 2023


the sand and water of the gulf of mexico

Bedrock Books

selection of favorite books by Luigi Cassinelli

Third Eye

Nikon F3 photographed by Luigi Cassinelli

Light on Silver Halide Crystals

kodak tmz favorite film by photographer Luigi Cassinelli

Self-portrait in Room 227, SWFL, 2017

Luigi Cassinelli self-portrait shot in Naples, FL

Judaculla Rock, 2020

judaculla rock photographed by Luigi Cassinelli in 2020

One Deserted Bridge, 2020

Bridge in Madison County photographed by Luigi Cassinelli

On The Road, 2020-2021

toyota 4 runner in winter snow photographed by Luigi Cassinelli toyota 4 runner by the atlantic ocean beach photographed by Luigi Cassinelli

On The Road, Europe

porsche carrera 1986 photographed by Luigi Cassinelli


pampelonne beach france photographed by Luigi Cassinelli

Self-portraits in Venice, FL, June 2021

self-portraits shot in Venice Florida on kodak tx400 developed in Dr5 processing

Boro Hotel, NYC, 2019-2021

room in the Boro Hotel NYC photographed by Luigi Cassinelli

Self-portrait in Rue Férou, Fall 2022

Luigi Cassinelli self-portrait in rue férou paris 2022

Shaving Consciousness in Paris, Fall 2022

self-portrait while shaving in hotel room in paris 2022

Back in Time in Marrakech, Fall 2022

palmerie, marrakech, 2022
la mamounia, marrakech, 2022
room 5, la mamounia, marrakech, 2022
Luigi Cassinelli self-portrait in the bathroom at hotel la mamounia marrakech 2022

In And Out New York, 2021-2023

manhattan 96th st photographed by Luigi Cassinelli

In And Out Tropic Skies, SWFL, 2006-2023

10 thousand islands photographed by Luigi Cassinelli

Hanoi, 1996

hanoi, vietnam 1996

On Assignment, 1999

Luigi Cassinelli photographed by Betti Chiesi in 1999

ph. Betti Chiesi

The Ur-photographs

Ref. UR-SELFP176885-2-08A

scan of original photographic negative ur-selfp176885-2-08A

Ilford Hp5+ | Kodak XTOL

July 2023, Venice, FL

Ref. UR-SELFP441828-5-02

scan of original photographic negative ur-selfp441828-5-02

Ilford Hp5+ | Kodak XTOL

October 2022, Paris

Ref. UR-SELFP441828-3-01

scan of original photographic negative ur-selfp441828-3-01

Ilford Hp5+ | Kodak XTOL

October 2022, Paris

Ref. UR-SELFP441828-2-46

scan of original photographic negative ur-selfp441828-2-46

Kodak TX | Kodak XTOL

November 2022, Marrakech

Ref. UR-HNO5528-05

scan of original photographic negative ur-hno5528-05

Kodak TX | Kodak D-76

1996, Hanoi

The Remaining Scans Will Be Uploaded Soon