the sphinx in giza, egypt


Control, order, stability, obedience, and bigotry are achieved by means of engineered legends. Those legends are not seeking wisdom. Their deities and celebrities are designed to provide material icons. Along with rituals, followers of cults revere size, weight, forms, lines, volumes, textures and anything they could feel a fetish for. Despots don’t actually thrive on physical coercion. Rather, the building blocks of their empires are material symbols designed to emanate the glamorous lure of superstitions. The demagogues are the ones who set the pace. Once the demand for illusions peaks, the spasm for fashion will devour the entire mall. Absolute authority is always demanded, never imposed.

When old legends lose face, livestock will graze on a blend of cowardice and illusion of control. Playing with words, con artists market change so that nothing changes. They know long term domination runs on masochistic cravings. Hence, mental and physical blocks trend on the latest imitation games: a moltitude of cages dressed up as apps, logos, gadgets, healthy practices, mirrors, towers, and institutions. Beneath the show, all blocks of the mental regime depend on one dogma, one longing that proved to be most successful: cosmic narcissism.

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the frame in dubai by architect fernando donis

chinese abacus


statue of liberty new york

building at night on bowery ave manhattan

subway station long island city ny

dancing figures decorating window in the lower east side manhattan

american apparel campaign 2007 on billboard at the corner of houston and bowery in manhattan

advertizing private practice in times square manhattan

detail of building in midtown manhattan

figure behind window of a sliver in manhattan

mysterious door in tokyo

atlantic city covered by fog

old hyatt hotel in dubai 2004

three layer hedges in west palm beach

washington dc museum

the institute for contemporary art in long island city ny

graffiti displaying shouting mouth on wall in manhattan

manhattan midtown

Projects on Caton Ave, Brooklyn

Night on the Upper East Side

One Manhattan Square

Billionaires' Row

ancient egyptian statues in the metropolitan museum new york

egyptian tomb metropolitan museum new york

The Ur-photographs

Ref. UR-NYC176224-2-09

scan of original photograph UR-NYC176224-2-09

Kodak TX | Kodak XTOL

2023, Brooklyn

Ref. UR-SPHINX1999

scan of original photograph UR-SPHINX1999

Kodak E100S | E-6

1999, Giza

Ref. UR-NYC6045-10

scan of original negative UR-NYC6045-1

Fuji Neopan 1600 | XTOL

2014, New York

Ref. UR-NYC7777-01

scan of original photograph UR-NYC7777-01

Fuji RXP | E-6

2007, Manhattan

Ref. UR-NYC8881-15

scan of original photograph UR-NYC8881-15

Kodak TMZ | Kodak XTOL

2008, Manhattan

Ref. UR-NYC423363-1-24

scan of original photograph UR-NYC423363-1-24

Kodak TMZ | Kodak XTOL

2020, Manhattan

Ref. UR-ACY57718-12

scan of original photograph UR-ACY57718-12

Kodak TMZ | Kodak XTOL

2011, Atlantic City

Ref. UR-NYC423363-2-20

scan of original photograph UR-NYC423363-2-20

Kodak TMZ | Kodak XTOL

2020, Manhattan

Ref. UR-NYC435328-4085-08

scan of original photographic negative ur-nyc435328-4085-08

Kodak TX | Kodak XTOL

March 2022, Manhattan

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